Furniture Design

Design new furniture that suits your company design philosophies.  

From an Idea to a developed product, we are experts in offering our Furniture Design service for furniture makers looking forward to expand their collection. We consider whats already there, research is our core strength, we make sure we do not copy and we make sure we do not sell products that are a look-a-like of existing products. 
We Make it yours, we work closely with your brand design language & philosophies. Versatility is our key strength, allowing us to design different styles of furniture based on the brand/company design language.

The first step is for you to place your trust in our services, click here to get in touch with us and get a personalized response.

Product Design

As furniture designers, we produce designs for your business based on provided design brief.  Products may include furniture and or related products. These designs may then be mass produced or made in small batches or as one-off individual pieces. 

Furniture Collection Design

Outdoor or Indoor, let us know your design brief specific to designing a collection. We design a furniture collection with 6 pieces of furniture items.These designs may then be mass produced or made in small batches or as one-off individual pieces.


3D Modelling 

Modern, Contemporary or Classic, 3D modelling your furniture to the exact specifications is one of the jobs we love. It is the pure challenge that drives us to make sure we model the furniture exactly how it looks like in real. 


Export Furniture

We have curated furniture designs that we manufacture with our partnered factories in Central Java, Indonesia. All of the wood used is 100% Indonesian Legal wood. The Furniture items range from modern, classic & contemporary styles.